Do snakes live in urban areas or wild areas more?

Grand Rapids snake

Snakes in Urban v Wild Areas
People are going to worry and wonder about the presence of snakes in urban areas versus snakes in wild areas. Most likely, you have seen snakes in both, or at least heard of their presence in both. It can create an odd confusion for you, and many others, because of this. You are uncertain of just where snakes typically stay. Yes, snakes can be in both, but it ultimately depends on the snake itself. Not all are equal, and not all conditions are equal. One type of snake may love living next to humans, while another is going to hate it and will need to move right away.

Where Snakes Live
Not all snakes are the same. There are snakes that love urban environments, thriving in the human-built areas. These snakes will go into backyards and hang around yards and gardens and parks. Urban snakes can find food thanks to the availability of rodents and other small prey. They have no problem finding their food. How widespread they are should show that. That does not mean all snakes are like that, however. Some snakes cannot survive in an urban environment, facing death if forced into such a place. A snake’s environment is crucial to its overall health and survival. It affects foods, comfort, safety, and other factors of health. An urban environment can quickly kill certain snakes. Where a snake lives comes down to the type of snake it is. Not all are equal, and each type is going to have its own preferences.

Specific Differences
Even snakes that once lived side by side may not remain together if humans begin inhabiting the land. In the wild, certain types of snakes can remain in the same habitat, but humans create their own unique environment. This can change it to the point that certain snakes simply leave. For unique environments, like deserts and swamps, human civilization can run the risk of removing the snake’s home completely. Snake can be adaptable, yes, but certain types are highly sensitive when it comes to their environment. Changes can force them out or kill them. Where a snake lives depends on the type of snake it is. You can find certain types of snakes anywhere, but others are only found in wild environments, as they cannot survive side by side with humans. Humans create environments that run them out.

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